How to Create Stellar Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Craig Kazda  |   December 8, 2016   |  Posted in Buyer Persona

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays truly are wonderful for many businesses as customers stockpile gifts and are feeling extra-generous. From a marketing standpoint, there are some great ways to capitalize on all this holiday-inspired happiness. Unfortunately, the holidays are a hectic time for everyone, and very few businesses actually have the time to focus on creating the dynamic marketing campaigns their companies need. As our gift to you and to help you stay focused this holiday season, we’ve created a step-by-step holiday marketing guide. Enjoy!

Step 1: A Cheerful Campaign

Create a marketing campaign that aligns with your buyer personas, supports your future marketing strategies, and focuses on one goal. This type of imitative can run from October through January, to give you more time to create content evaluate results. So what’s a good campaign goal? That depends on the nature of your business. For example, ‘generate $50,000 in holiday sales by December 23rd’ create a SMART goal to ensure you can measure results.

Step 2: Delightful Offers

Create enticing offers focused on a SMART goal and share offers through each of your available marketing channels. Including social media, email marketing, and blog posts.

Step 3: Home for the…Offers

Give your offers a home on your website. Create a landing page for each offer, specifically built on that offer’s defined promotion or event. Fill each landing page with pertinent details on the benefits of the exciting holiday offer, bright and catchy graphics, and bold, straight to the point headlines.

Step 4: Making a List

Develop an outlined promotional plan to promote each holiday offer through your marketing channels. Keep your buyer personas and target audiences in mind. Perhaps email marketing is the best way to reach your customer base. If so, think through the email’s subject line and make it enticing. Fill the body of the email with bold headings and brief information. Within the text, make sure to ask for the offer to be shared. After all, each of your offers are great and shouldn’t be missed!

Step 5: Holiday Buzz

Support the buzz surrounding your awesome offers through social media and blog postings. Make this content easy for your customers to share their excitement with their networks.  Facebook events are also a great way to encourage your social media followers to spread the word.

Step 6: Jolly Connections

Now that you have created fantastic holiday offers that provide benefits to your customers, it’s time to build on these established connections. Interact and engage with the customers you’ve cultivated through your holiday campaign. Create a call to action button on each offer’s landing page to encourage interested visitors to stay connected by signing up to receive for future promotions. Reassure customer concerns by making sure they know their information will be secure.

The holiday season is a great time for businesses to go the extra mile. Use this step-by-step foolproof plan of attack to create engaging holiday campaigns this year!

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