Securing New Clients Through A/E/C Websites

Craig Kazda  |   November 22, 2016   |  Posted in Lead Generation

In the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction world, you work to build things well on a daily basis, but learning how to use your website to build an interactive and interested new client base can be a different story. Your projects speak volumes of the dedication you have to your craft, and your impact on the community around you. It is critical to carry this message across to your website, as it can make a huge impact on your company’s success. Below we have put together a few expert tips that help draw visitors and prospective clients to your website, and that help retain them too.

Contact Us

Ask Them To Contact You

This may seem like a common sense tip, but you’d be surprised how often it is overlooked. Make sure your website has a “contact us” page with a direct call to action requesting that interested parties reach out. The contact should be made through a website form or a properly branded email address, which provides those reaching out with more peace of mind that you are a professional, established business.

Present A Portfolio that Speaks for Itself

A clean and captivating project portfolio helps businesses in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction to showcase their craft and capture attention. It encourages potential customers to browse, remaining on your site longer, and thus increases the chance that they will come up with questions or reach out for additional information. Generally speaking, the longer you can keep visitors on your website, the better the outcome.

Keep Information Current

Regularly update your blog regarding projects and new company news. It is important to showcase that you are actively working on projects and are therefore a popular, frequently used, and well-established business. In addition, displaying a variety of projects in different stages of completion on your blog will encourage those browsing online to return to your website for updates. Sharing company news via a blog also goes a long way to show your business as approachable, friendly, and engaging.

Simple Functionality

You live in a world of craftsmanship and tangible design, so you understand how important clean and precise design can be. This same idea carries over significantly to websites, which should always look clean and function smoothly. Ease of use will not only encourage new visitors to browse through all portions of your website and to remain on it longer, but will also positively impact your SEO standings.

Client Survey

Prospective Client Surveys & Questionnaires

Encourage interaction by developing client surveys or questionnaires relating to your market. Find out what potential customers are interested in learning more about, or what dream project they might be envisioning through a few simple clicks. Users are more apt to take simple surveys online to gather information that they are interested in than to actually pick up the phone and call a company, and you can collect and use this information, which can be very valuable if you are asking the right questions. For prospective customers who prefer the old fashioned phone call, however, make sure that your contact information (both phone number and email) are prominently displayed on each page of your website.

Highlight your architectural, engineering, or construction company to your local community the right way, create a buzz surrounding your business, and engage valuable, new clients by employing these practices on your website. They will leave a powerful, lasting impact on visitors.

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