Which Multi-Channel Analytics Platform is Right for You

Eric Kazda  |   January 7, 2017   |  Posted in Marketing

What is multi-channel analytics?  Collecting, analyzing and reviewing marketing data from various sources can be done without multi-channel analytics tools, but the process is tedious, time-consuming and prone to errors. Fortunately for tech savvy marketers, there are tools on the market that allow you to sync up multiple accounts and review the analytics and insights within one digital platform.  Multi-channel analytics tools allow marketers to collect and analyze data from multiple sources and cross-reference those data in one convenient dashboard. In addition to saving time and reducing errors, these tools often help marketing professionals better understand and segment customer behavior.  In turn, this allows better targeting of those current and potential customers.  Let’s examine a few of these software solutions:

Raven Tools

Raven ToolsRaven provides a great introduction to big data.  But it can also go deeper.  Acting primarily as an SEO tool, Raven also functions more holistically as a digital marketing analytics utility, additionally accommodating Google Analytics, AdWords, and various social platforms.  It is often employed by marketing and advertising agencies for client-facing report generation, but can also be put to work by companies that wish to disseminate digital marketing performance analysis across multi-function or multi-disciplinary teams within their enterprise.

Adobe Premium Analytics: Customer 360

Adobe AnalyticsThis robust product is helps users better understand customer interactions across multiple channels.  The big data compiled from various channels can be manipulated into informative visualizations, audience clustering, advanced analytics and more. Customer 360 users can branch into predictive analytics, wherein the enterprise user can begin to estimate the future purchasing trends of their current customers.  The holistic view provided by Customer 360 can be put to work not just by the marketing team, but also by IT, research and development, and customer relationship management.

Webtrends Infinity

Webtrends InfinityWebtrends make it their mission to help you leverage every digital interaction with your customers.  They want the user to understand that interaction from start to finish, and to further understand how the next engagement will occur.  The Infinity product from Webtrends is relatively new, having debuted earlier this year.  It measures the effectiveness of a business’ web, social and mobile touchpoints, with the intention of helping the user create better experiences for their customers.

Overall, the scope and purpose of these three multi-channel analytics tools are to provide the users with a convenient view of multiple big data sets.  Which one is best for your company?  Well, that entirely depends on how deep and wide you wish to dig into your available marketing data.  In an era when customers seek highly contextual experiences, it makes good business sense to as expand your customer understanding as much as possible. And, you can accomplish this by adding the right multi-channel analysis tool to your marketing toolbox.

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