The 20 Minute Interview: Meet our Digital Marketing Specialist, Logan Carlile

Eric Kazda  |   March 14, 2018   |  Posted in The QD Team

At Quantum Dynamix, we love scooping up new talent. We strongly believe that an amazing team will produce the best work for our clients! That’s why we love Logan, our newest team member! In this edition of the 20-minute interview, get to know Logan Carlile – our very own Digital Marketing Specialist.

Logan Carlile

On his role at Quantum Dynamix

An average day at the office for me would be working on bugs that arise in a website, adding new features to existing websites, fully building out a new website, and much more. In my position, I do a little bit of everything. I just got a project where I’m building a full website from the ground up. I work on the formatting and scheduling of blog posts – just a little bit of everything.

On how he fell in love with web design

It started back in high school. I took a class I thought would be an easy A my senior year. It was a web development class. I took the class and really enjoyed it. And I thought – this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It was a half-a-year class, where you take Web Development 1 the first half and Web Development 2 the second half. I wasn’t scheduled to take Web Development 2, so instead I audited the class. I wasn’t officially in the class, but I was allowed to sit in and learn. I wasn’t graded but could be involved in the projects. It reassured me that this was really what I wanted to do.

On how he ended up at Quantum Dynamix

I got my bachelor’s degree in web design interactive media from the Art Institute of York. While I was still in school I had an internship with WebstaurantStore. From there I got my first foot in the door working with Quantum Dynamix. My instructor Sean (our very own Sean McGinnis) actually got me the interview. He said, “hey I put your resume on my boss’ desk!” Networking really is how you find jobs.

I’ve been at Quantum for only a few months. At first it was a little nerve-wracking just because it was something new. I mean I had the internship, but it wasn’t anything like a full-time job. As the weeks went on, it started to feel more comfortable. I started off asking a lot of questions and slowly got into my own groove and was able to figure stuff out on my own. I can figure out what needs to be done and the right way to do it now.

On what clients should know about Quantum Dynamix

We are a very hard-working group. We like to be pixel-perfect when it comes to developing a website. We don’t want to cut corners, and make sure everything is to the T with the design. We make sure it’s what the client wants.

On his life outside of work

I’m an avid football fan. I played football in high school. My college didn’t offer it, so I didn’t play it in college. But – I love watching football and I’m an avid fantasy football fan. So football’s a big one, but besides that I love hanging out with my friends and my girlfriend.

I’m currently living in York. I have a little commute each day to work but it’s not too bad. My goal is to move to Lancaster soon. I wasn’t too familiar with Lancaster before I got the job at Quantum, but just the little experience I’ve had so far – I’m enjoying it!

On the next big web development trend

One thing I think will start to take off in the future is CSS grids. It’s a way to really have dynamic page structure on a website. It’s not always boxy and is easier for the developer to make crazy and outlandish web pages. Currently it’s not entirely supported by all web browsers –  which is why it’s not fully in use yet. As we inch closer it will start to have more support and gain popularity.

CSS Grid vs Flexbox


How you can connect with Logan

Reach out to Logan on Twitter or LinkedIn! Or leave your questions in the comments below.

Twitter (@carliledesign)

LinkedIn (Logan Carlile)

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