Case Study: B2B Accounting Firm Sees Spike in Organic Website Traffic

Eric Kazda  |   June 6, 2018   |  Posted in Lead Generation

This digital marketing B2B case study proves that a strategic online approach can drive organic traffic and increase qualified leads to your website. This case study will cover the project details, methods, and results from a 6-month digital marketing strategy.

About Gift CPAs

Established in 1984, Gift CPAs is a B2B financial firm that focuses on accounting services, tax preparation, and business consulting. They have four office locations within Central Pennsylvania.

Project Challenges & Goals

Gift had recently updated their website through a different marketing agency but weren’t happy with its performance metrics. It looked beautiful but wasn’t driving organic traffic or actionable leads to their sales team.

Our mission was to produce more qualified leads through the website. To do this we needed to increase organic traffic and design visitor pathways that encouraged interaction on the site.

How We Reengaged the Digital Audience

We used a multi-pronged approach to revitalize their website and increase traffic. This included content creation, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization.


We’re huge advocates for creating a blog on your website. Consistent content helps you rank for more keywords, drives organic traffic, and positions you as an industry leader. Find out more ways blogging can help your business here.

For Gift, we created a blog within their website for these purposes. We researched and wrote an average of 2-3 blog posts per month. Visitors have the ability to search, subscribe and comment on posts.

Blog example

In six months, four out of the top five organic search pages on Gift’s website were blog posts. This confirms that blogging drives organic traffic to websites.

On-page SEO

Ranking organically for keywords requires a strategic approach. We used SEMRush to research relevant keywords to their industry and region. We then identified long-tail keywords that Gift CPAs could optimize on their website pages to gain traffic.

We implemented these keywords on their main pages and every single blog we posted. Implementation included correct placement and usage of meta information, header tags, image alt tags, and keyword frequency.

Read our beginner guide to SEO here.

On-page CRO

Conversion rate optimization is a strategy that focuses on improving page layout, copy, and design so it converts more visitors into customers. One example of page optimization was our redesign of the Services section.


Example of old copy

The previous page copy had poor conversion rates due to the large blocks of text that cut off before reaching any conclusion.


The new page copy makes for a faster read, and accurately describes each service within that teaser.


Another area we implemented CRO was through calls-to-action (CTAs). Each page now includes an end destination and guides visitors through the next step in the sales cycle.

CTA Example

At the end of this blog post, we ask the reader to contact Gift for a free consultation.

Contact Us CTA example

CTAs are a vital part of conversion rate optimization. Every page needs to guide a visitor through a predetermined path.

Results: April 2018 vs. December 2017

In just six months, our B2B digital marketing efforts had drastic results. Here are our case study results.

  • At the end of 2017, Gift only had 181 keywords bringing users to their website via Google’s top 100 organic search results. By April of 2018, they had 721 keywords!
  • In December of 2017, there were only 9 expected website visitors in the following month based on their organic traffic numbers. Six months later, there are an estimated 478 website visitors for the following month.
  • The estimated cost of their organic keywords in December? Only $46. At the end of April, their organic keyword traffic is estimated to cost $1,200!
In just six months, Gift CPAs improved on every organic search metric.

In just six months, Gift CPAs improved on every organic search metric.


The graphs spike after Quantum Dynamix instituted proven digital marketing strategies.

The graphs spike after Quantum Dynamix instituted proven digital marketing strategies.

A group of businessmen in business construction

Different websites have different goals and challenges There is no magic strategy. Instead our expert team analyzes your unique industry and website to determine the best course of action. This could mean a digital marketing strategy or even a website upgrade. Contact us today for a free consultation! We can evaluate your current website and propose a strategy customized to your business.

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