Case Study: Inbound Marketing Improves Website Performance for Credit Union

Eric Kazda  |   June 20, 2018   |  Posted in Marketing

Is your website pulling visitors in or pushing them away to your competitors? Inbound marketing is a strategy that relies on drawing potential customers to you in an organic way rather than pushing outward advertisements for your brand. In this inbound marketing case study, we show how a dedicated strategy drastically improved website performance for a local credit union.

About AmeriChoice Federal Credit Union

AmeriChoice FCU is a regional credit union based in Central Pennsylvania. They have over 15,000 members and assets exceeding $165 million. We’ve been working with AmeriChoice FCU for almost 10 years, starting with website design and development projects. They chose to expand their relationship with us in 2016 to include inbound marketing services.

Project Details

Our goal was to transform the AmeriChoice website into a lead-generation tool. To do this, we needed to increase organic search traffic to the website, provide a better user experience (UX) once a visitor was on the website, and give clear calls-to-action that pushed visitors through the sales cycle.

We created a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy that included work in these areas:

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • On-Page Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Design Improvements
  • Calls-to-Action (CTAs) Design & Placement
  • Custom Landing Pages & Templates
  • Extensive Content Creation, including blogs & eBooks
  • Tracking & Analytics Reports
  • Email Marketing Platform & Templates

Inbound Marketing Examples

Take a look at some of the specific improvements we made to the AmeriChoice website.

Previous Homepage

Americhoice Old Homepage

New Homepage

The revised homepage added copy elements to improve SEO, and a strong CTA to convert visitors.

Americhoice New Homepage

Content Frequency

One of our main areas of focus is the Cents to Save blog. Blogging is one of the best ways to add fresh content to your website and help drive traffic. Plus, did you know that small businesses who blog generate 126% more leads than their competitors?

When we started working with AmeriChoice, they were posting sporadically on the blog – around 1-2 times a month. The content was good, but it wasn’t optimized for search engines and didn’t include any high-performing CTAs.

We upped their posting schedule to once a week, optimized the content for search engines, and added valuable CTAs to every blog post.

CTAs & Landing Pages

We added CTAs across the entire website. Check out the call-to-action found on the article, “3 Proven Strategies for Paying Off Debt Faster.”

Americhoice Blog CTA

A CTA can also push to a landing page, another valuable component of an inbound marketing strategy. The landing page’s main goal is to encourage the visitor to enter their information in exchange for something they want. It could be a guide, a consultation, or even results to a calculation. In this case, the landing page requires a visitor enter their name, phone number and email to receive a free monthly budget template.

Americhoice Landing Page

Results: January 2017 – April 2017 vs. January 2018 – April 2018

Inbound marketing targets long-term results, not short-term successes. To effectively measure the success of our strategy, we looked at the statistics a year apart. The numbers showed steady, positive improvements. With continued inbound work, the results will continue to improve year after year.

Notable Statistics

  • Organic search traffic increased 21.2%
  • New users increased 27.93%
  • Unique page views increased 13.63%
  • Average session duration increased 121.29%
  • Bounce rate decreased 27.59%
  • 3 of the top 10 entrance pages were blog posts in 2018

One the principles of inbound marketing and our science-based approach is to consistently track results and tweak our strategy based on those results. If our analytics show the success has stagnated or numbers have weakened, we can conduct an analysis to determine what strategy elements need to change.

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