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Eric Kazda  |   February 15, 2018   |  Posted in New Project

Lancaster County Career and Technology Center (LCCTC) came to us for a website overhaul in 2017. After many months of hard work, we’re proud to show off their brand-new website! We focused on streamlining the design and navigation, while improving their lead generation tools like the job board and application system. Check out the new site!

Susan Cazillo, Success Coach at LCCTC says,

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About Lancaster County Career & Technology

LCCTC is a full-service career and technical school located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Their mission is to prepare people for skilled, innovative, and productive careers. They offer two main tracks of education, one for high-school students, and separate programs for adult learners. They recently made Forbes’ inaugural list of the top 30 trade schools in the country!


The previous design was organized from the perspective of an academic. It was built based on how LCCTC would have internally organized their information. While it passed as an informational tool, there weren’t designated pathways for a website visitor to follow. They simply weren’t generating the leads they wanted on their previous site.

Striking New Design

The streamlined design helps visitors focus on the page content LCCTC wants them to see first. The color palette became less saturated and more pleasing to the eye. The website is often the first impression a potential student has of the school. The new design shows that LCCTC is forward-thinking, innovative, and understands the needs of the modern student.

Intuitive Navigation Update

The new navigation is organized by the two educational tracks, high-school student or adult learner. It helps new visitors find exactly which program fit their needs. It also allows visitors to search for programs based on topic or interest.

The intuitive navigation will help visitors find the program they want to enroll in and give them a designated pathway to learn about the program and apply.

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Rebuilt Job & Application Features

Two of the main lead generation features of the new website are the job board and application system.

The new job board page allows students to easily find job listings based on the job category they’re interested in. It also simplifies the process for local businesses to post their job listings.

The new application page reduces friction by detailing the number of steps involved, as well as showing what percentage the applicant as completed thus far. Applicants also have the ability to save their application and return to the page later.

Which feature Is your favorite?

What part of the new design and updated features do you like the best? Let us know in the comments! We loved working with LCCTC to create a new website caters to specific buyer personas and will increase their number of application submissions.

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