Rebranded Lancaster Health Center Website Has Officially Launched

Eric Kazda  |   February 13, 2018   |  Posted in New Project

We’re excited to announce the official launch of Lancaster Health Center’s NEW website! Quantum Dynamix collaborated closely with the Lancaster Health Center team to not only redesign their website, but also to assist with a complete rebrand. Check out the brand-new Lancaster Health Center website here.

Nicole Specht, Director of Communications, says –

We adore our new logo and website. Thank you all for being so talented and in-tune to our brand and just…getting us. We love, love, love the website, and I really can’t get over how much I can do myself on the backend, which is such a huge relief.


Lancaster Health Center’s old website and brand wasn’t properly educating their community anymore. They needed a new website and brand that reinforced their mission, made navigation simpler, and guided visitors to their nearest center location.

About Lancaster Health Center

Lancaster Health Center has served the Lancaster community for 43 years. They offer comprehensive medical services to everyone, regardless of their financial situation or insurance coverage. They regularly take care of 22,000 patients with 6 facilities located in downtown Lancaster, PA.

Company Rebrand in Addition to New Website

Not only did we redesign their website, we aided with their company rebrand. Formerly Southeast Lancaster Health Services, we redesigned a new logo and color palette for their new name – Lancaster Health Center. The upgraded website reinforces the rebrand and image to the variety of cultures and populations they serve.

This logo update emphasizes Lancaster Health Center’s commitment to high-quality and compassionate healthcare to all – regardless of economic status.

Changing names can hurt awareness in the community, and it’s vital to make sure visitors to your website understand the rebrand. We are helping to educate visitors and eliminate friction by showing the below pop-up when a new visitor lands on the website.

Simpler Website Navigation

One of the biggest improvements we made to this website was the complete overhaul of the old navigation structure. In place of outdated navigation, we implemented a mega-menu design feature.

Mega-menus can improve user experience if you have a large number of categories and products on your site. Without these large drop-down menus, it would be difficult for a user to find the specific product category they were looking for without using the search bar.

Redesigned Map & Location Services

One of the major pain points on the previous site was that many visitors didn’t know where to find an actual health center. We eliminated this pain point by creating a location page that clearly highlights each individual location, as well as orienting the visitor by showing these locations on a map. You can also find a location breakdown on the homepage.

What Do You Think?

Do you love Lancaster Health Center’s new website as much as we do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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