See Our 4 Favorite Website Designs of 2017

Eric Kazda  |   December 27, 2017   |  Posted in Marketing

2017 was a great year for website design and development! As the year comes to an end, our experts sat down and reflected on the best web designs of 2017. See which websites made our exclusive, top-four list!

1. Rottefella Apparel

Submitted by Tina Conrad, Developer

Favorite feature: Scrolling navigation

Scrolling navigation is sometimes hit-or-miss. It can be difficult to achieve high search rankings and user experience could suffer. But sometimes a website uses a tricky trend to their advantage.

Conrad says, “I really like that this website takes advantage of scrolling navigation. When I scroll through the site, it takes me to every page without making it seem like I was forced to browse the site.”

2. Melas Packaging

Submitted by Tina Conrad, Developer

Favorite feature: Animated triangles

Even seasoned website developers find sites that ignite their wonder all over again. Technology is constantly evolving, as evidenced by increasingly advanced animation.

Conrad answers, “I love the animated triangles on every page of the site. I’m actually curious about how they did it!”

3. Bear Gyrlls

Submitted by Sean McGinnis, Visual Designer

Favorite feature: Unique design with subtle animation

Bear Grylls doesn’t just push the limits in his outdoor adventures, but also with his own website design. This site takes design risks – but it also impressed our designer.

McGinnis states, “I like the Bear Grylls site. I just like the overall design of it with the large imagery and minimal text. I also like the subtle animations on the site when scrolling through the content. Not a fan of the navigation, and it gets a bit redundant, but overall pretty cool.”

4. Pottermore

Submitted by Sean McGinnis, Visual Designer

Favorite feature: Immersive design experience

Fellow Potterheads may have already visited this website before, but even if you haven’t had the pleasure – we urge you to take a look. Or rather a deep-dive into this immersive design experience. It will make you feel like you fell straight into Hogwarts.

McGinnis says, “I also like this Harry Potter site. The whole experience is immersive. The design is well thought out, the interactions are intuitive, and the imagery is really stunning. I think we’ll see more immersive experiences like this in the future.”


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