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ADA Compliance and How it Impacts Your Website

As of January 2018, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extended its coverage to include websites. Guidelines were created to help all businesses update their websites to meet basic compliance requirements. Does your website meet these new federal guidelines?

An accessible website is not only the law, it’s simply a good business practice. Your website should be easy to navigate and use by all users, even those with disabilities like hearing or vision loss.

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ADA Web Design Resources

We’ve been on a mission to educate businesses about these new ADA website requirements. Take a minute to read or bookmark the below articles. They give a thorough background of ADA compliance and cover the guideline basics.

VisionCorps Website

The Importance of ADA Website Compliance [VisionCorps Case Study]

VisionCorps’ new website was built to set the standard for ADA compliant web design. Discover what important features we incorporated into the design and the effect this website functionality had on VisionCorps.

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Your Overview to ADA Compliance for Websites in 2018

This article covers the basics behind the new law and guideline requirements. If you’re working with an experienced web design agency, the basics will be all you need to know!

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Overview of ADA Compliance
ADA Accessibility Principles

ADA Accessibility Principles

Want to get into the details? These articles break down each of the main four principles within the new ADA website guidelines. We’ve included examples of website features and functionality that meet these specific guidelines.

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