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So it has come to this. You aren’t happy with your current marketing relationship & you are hitting up the internet hoping to find “The One.”

You are creative, energetic, and driven. You want to appear desirable to potential members, but you are also concerned that your current membership doesn't find you are as attractive as you used to be. You work every day to improve your credit union and you feel like your marketing partner simply doesn’t put in the same energy that you do.
Don't feel ashamed for wanting more. Get angry from not getting enough from your current digital marketing agency and make a change.
Our Self Summary

We are Quantum Dynamix, and while you may have never been with a firm like ours before, please give us a few moments to show you why you might want to consider meeting us for a call, coffee, or cocktail.


Here is what you can expect from a marketing relationship with Quantum Dynamix and your credit union. It starts with us meeting with you and getting to know you a little. As we share dreams and desires, we hope that we both get those little butterflies that tell us that this will be a beautiful marketing partnership.

Increased improvement in CU website traffic with dedicated marketing/content strategies vs. unmanaged websites
Leads generated for Credit Union clients through website conversions
Average quarterly growth in Credit Union Website Traffic with Quantum Dynamix

With a little confidence & a lot of smarts, we review your current digital marketing efforts

Allow us to share a few suggestions on how we would treat you better as a marketing partner. These suggestions will really give us an opportunity to show off our muscles (although those muscles don’t have as much tan as we would like).
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Website Design & Development
Website design and development is our bread and butter, and we love creating new online experiences and website for credit unions around the country. We analyze your website’s navigation and architecture to assure that your prospective and current members have a frictionless experience when interacting with your credit union online. We work our magic in the digital kitchen to craft a website that is as beautiful as it is tasty, assuring that your members keep coming back for more.
Search Engine Marketing Icon
Search Engine Marketing
Even though your website is beautiful, it won’t bring all of the members to the yard without the proper SEO juice. Quantum Dynamix will work with you to make sure that your website is being found in the searches that matter to you so that you are matching with the people that matter to you.
Content Marketing Icon
Content Marketing
Nobody likes a one-sided conversation and Quantum Dynamix isn’t shy about talking. We’ll help your team continue the marketing message well after the site launches so that your prospective members and current members stay engaged and interested in the great information, products and features of your credit union.
Analytics and Reporting
Analytics and Reporting
And how are we so confident that we are the right fit for your marketing partnership woes? Because we prove it every quarter with analytics and reporting that is easy to understand and even easier to present to your boss. After all, if you look good at work then we have done our job.
Their breadth of knowledge and the range of skill they bring to the table make them a very valuable resource.
Jen Swanner
Jen Swanner
Marketing Vice President
White Rose Credit Union
You guys are all rock stars!! The website looks absolutely amazing!!! I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate all of the effort you put in to making this a reality!
Toni Montgomery Headshot
Toni Montgomery
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Blue Chip Federal Credit Union
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Quantum Dynamix: The Marketing Partner to take home to your CEO

Marketing for Credit Unions takes special know-how and an understanding of what makes you different from traditional financial institutions. When you work with Quantum Dynamix, you have a partner that understands the rules of the road and values your membership as much as you do. Our focus on communicating membership value and clearly explaining your differentiators, while providing you with unparalleled service, will make you happy to put a ring on it.

Ready to get started?
In the end, we all want a chance for love. We would like to get to know you, your credit union, and the marketing needs for your credit union. Won’t you take a chance on love and drop us a message?