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Blending SEO and the Customer Experience | The Ultimate Webinar

March 17th @ 12PM EDT
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What do your visitors do when they land on your site?

Traffic is great, but getting found is only the first step. On average only 3% of visitors that come to a website convert. Quit losing opportunities and learn how to win online by influencing your prospect’s journey from Google to closed business.

Your prospects expect a custom experience that is tailored to them. Owner of Quantum Dynamix, Craig Kazda, will discuss how to share your message through the tailored experiences; beginning with adapting to Google’s new quest to create the Search Journey and concluding with conversions on your website. At the end of the hour you will better understand how to get found, influence your prospects, and win business online. Topics covered will include:

  • SEO
  • CRO
  • Journey Mapping
  • Accessibility
  • User Experience / User Interface
  • Buyer Personas
  • Technical SEO

Register for this 45 minute webinar to learn how to best position your online marketing to succeed in the coming year.

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Meet Craig Kazda

Craig Kazda is the Vice President of Quantum Dynamix, a holistic web and digital marketing agency located in Lancaster, PA.

Together with his brother Eric, Craig is a founding partner of Quantum Dynamix. Since it’s origination in 2008, Quantum Dynamix has used a scientific approach to marketing to develop digital strategies that integrate multiple platforms to produce a measurable ROI for their clients. In his role as Vice President, Craig Kazda facilitates the execution of each project from start to finish, helping clients convey their marketing vision. Focusing specifically in the financial, banking, and credit union verticals, Craig brings years of experience to help clients better connect with prospective and existing customers. This includes a comprehensive understanding of how to ensure that their marketing is compliant with stringent industry and federal guidelines, including ADA/WCAG standards.