Don’t Get Caught Blindsided by ADA Compliance

In these modern times, it is important to consider inclusivity as a key component to any digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most businesses do not give a consideration to all the audiences that might possibly engage with them online. In the US, over 7 million Americans suffer from impaired vision at some level, including total vision loss. Using the Internet can be a significant hurdle and barrier for entry for these individuals, creating a frustrating and overwhelming experience.

As an extension of the American Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, creating an accessible and inclusive Internet is now a Federal mandate. Non-compliance with these new Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) can now result in businesses not only losing revenue but also facing class-action lawsuits and other fines costing thousands of dollars.

Download our new presentation, originally presented at the 2018 Insight Marketing Conference in Lancaster PA, to examine the details of the WCAG mandate, outline the implications for how websites are constructed and managed, and discuss practical ways you can remediate these issues to stay in compliance and ensure an Internet accessible to all.


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